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Acoustic Surfaces


HushBoard is a fantastic decorative wall covering, specifically developed to enhance the educational environment.

It’s felt surface transforms noisy interiors as well as creating a colourful, highly durable and exciting surrounding.

Perfect for use in schools, colleges and nurseries.

• Improves teaching and learning by absorbing excess classroom noise.

• Acoustic rating of NRC 0.40 is proven to reduce noise levels by 40%.

• Pin, staple and velcro friendly, perfect for displays!

• Highly durable, resistant to staining and easily cleaned.

• Saves the time and expense of recovering traditional wall boards.

• Large range of 35 eyecatching, non fade colours.

• Self adhesive 600 x 600mm tiles can be easily self installed.

• Professional fitting service available for your own imaginative designs.

• Recommended for a minimum 8 year cycle.

• Fire retardant.

• HushBoard is a seriously cost effective wall covering.

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Hush Panel – Acoustic surface

• Suitable for a whole range of applications including commercial interiors, theatres, classrooms, communal areas, gymnasiums to name but a few

• HushBoard transforms noisy interiors to quieter working areas whilst creating colourful and exiciting surroundings

• HushPanels are flame retardant, semi rigid, impact resistant, and incredibly durable.

• The panels are supplied in sheet form that can be cut in and framed onsite, catering for variations in wall size and shape.

• They can also be supplied as custom cut and shaped for increased design flexibility

• This quality product fully answers to the criteria needed for BB93 Noise Level Compliance.

• Frames and edge finishing kits are available allowing greater flexibility for constructing large wall areas or unique modular panels

See the entire colour options for our acoustic surfaces range -> Download/View Colour Swatches