5 Top Office Design Trends to Watch Out for In 2019

Office design is constantly evolving and changing.  The modern workplace is unrecognisable from what it was a decade ago but one thing that remains a constant is that office design, no matter what, is about maximising profits. 

2019’s trends are no different. Centred around creating a positive workplace experience for clients and staff alike and which also acts to attract and retain talent.

Here’s our top 5 and how to easily incorporate them into your office design, without breaking the bank.

1.       Experience-Driven Spaces

 This trend prioritises the employee experience at work.  Designs aimed at developing overall wellness, cultivating happiness, community building and boosting morale for everyone.    It’s office design that boosts productivity and where staff feel valued.  The experience is influenced by a wide range of factors from the quality of the tea and coffee to the ability to store bikes and the quality of showering facilities.  One thing is very clear, for the best work-place experience - make your work place feel less like a work place. 


Coffee shop style seating and barista stools make this area a pleasant and relaxed shared space to work and collaborate whilst experience pods give the ultimate in comfort, cool and sophistication. Call our team to discuss your requirements. 01772 696222




 2.       Old Meets New


‘Old meets new’ transforms old warehouse, utilitarian spaces into ultra sleek workspaces, embracing features of older buildings, such as industrial brick structures, concrete floors  and steel, balancing them with modern furniture and decor.   This trend is great news for anyone taking on an older building.  Crafting a design that balances the old with the new can involve using antique and weathered textures, carpet or wall coverings with abstract designs and features in metal and glass.

This non-uniformed selection of seating from our collection, feature timeless materials like wood and leather, injecting new life and moving these old buildings effortlessly into the future.     Call our team to discuss your requirements. 01772 696222


 3.       Concentration Spaces

At Glendale Interiors we are major advocates in providing staff with a variety of spaces from which they can choose to work, dependant on the task at hand.  Quiet, private spaces where staff can escape the noise and distractions of the open plan office are high in demand.  Library type quiet zones are hot on the wish list for complete remodels whereas for those that want a simpler solution to incorporate into an existing space, booths and pods provide the desired spaces for focus and concentration.

Single pods provide excellent private spaces to work without interruptions whilst larger booths are great for small, informal gatherings or meetings.  Charge points and multimedia screens can be incorporated into the booths and pods.   For those offices that are really limited on space wall mounted pods are an easy and practical solution.  Call our team to discuss your requirements. 01772 696222



 4. Colour Pop

The notion of colour pop is to use bold colours sparingly so they lift the space and create interest.  Rather than large areas of colour, this trend uses splashes of strong bold colours to enliven a space and literally make it ‘pop’.


Colourful seating is an easy and cost effective way to add some colour and create a bright, eclectic look that will keep staff happy and impress clients.  Mix and match from hundreds of designs and colour options in our range.   Call our team to discuss your requirements. 01772 696222


 5. Greener Offices

Plants and biophillic design was a big trend for 2018 but as more and more evidence shows how nature and greenery has a positive effect on mental welfare, adding more living greenery to the office is developing from a trend to a necessity in 2019.   Everywhere from office buildings to hotels and shopping centres are adding living green walls, plants, trees and flowers to their interior and exterior landscapes.


Our planter storage units are a great way to make your office greener and happier without taking up any additional space.   Call our team to discuss your requirements. 01772 696222