7 Good Reasons To Keep Your Classroom Tidy.

If your classroom is untidy, you could be sending out all the wrong messages to your pupils. A badly organised, cluttered classroom tells your children that bad behaviour and mediocre work are acceptable. Regardless of what you preach, it’s what you practise that counts.

Jumbled boxes, overflowing cabinets, cramped aisles, piled-up papers on your desk – sort all this out and replace it with a tidy, organised classroom and you’ll be amazed at the change in behaviour you’ll bring about.

Here are seven reasons to start being more organised:


1) It induces shock and awe 

Walk into a bright, tidy classroom and it’s like walking into a cathedral. Kids will take great care not to disturb the sacred space.


2) It suggests respect 

If your room is tidy, it suggests you have respect for learning, for the children and for property. Without saying anything, you convey a sense of self-respect to your pupils. 


3) You’ll be a better teacher 

A clutter-free environment puts you in control of your classroom.


4) You’ll have more influence 

A fresh, attractive classroom gives your students the feeling of a special experience. This will help you to influence good behaviour.


5) It says something about you 

The orderliness of classrooms has been shown to be an excellent predictor of how good a teacher you are.


6) It creates pride 

Young children copy. If you have pride in your classroom, they’ll follow your lead. That’ll reflect well in their attitude and schoolwork.


7) It creates calm 

Messy classrooms put students on edge. They’re invariably unhappy and unruly. A smart classroom makes for calm kids full of pride, 100% focused on learning.


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