Well-designed classrooms boost learning says report.

A detailed study of over 150 classrooms has shown that well-designed primary-school classrooms can help progress in reading, writing and maths. The HEAD Project (Holistic Evidence and Design), led by Professor Peter Barrett from the University of Salford, reveals how differences in the physical characteristics of classrooms can increase learning progress by up to 16% in a single year.

‘Clever Classrooms’ studied 3766 pupils over three years and decided that moving an ‘average’ child from the least-effective to the most-effective space could see a rise of around 1.3 ‘sub-levels’. That’s a big difference, as children typically make two sub-levels progress a year. It turns out that factors such as size, navigation routes, specialist facilities and play aren’t anything like as important as the design of individual classrooms.

The good news is that it’s easy for teachers to put many of the factors into place. Small changes that cost next to nothing can make a real difference. For example, changing the layout, displays and wall colour can have a big impact. The study found that the top three design principles for academic success were naturalness (light, temperature and air quality), individualisation, and stimulation, which involved factors such as colour and complexity. Professor Barrett said, “I hope our ‘Clever Classrooms’ report will become a valuable asset for teachers and school designers across the UK and can make a real and lasting impact on children’s learning progress at such an important stage in a child’s development.”

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You can download Clever Classrooms here: http://www.glendaleuk.com/downloads/1503-Salford-Uni-Report-DIGITAL.PDF.

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