With latest reports telling us that absence from work can cost the economy up to £100 billion a year, here at Glendale Interiors we’ve decided to do our bit to help.  

Many of our classroom chairs can now manufactured using BioCote anti-bacterial finish.  This is potentially a huge benefit to employers because bacteria that originate in the classroom can soon be passed on to other pupils, teachers and their families.

For schools alone, the cost of supply teachers can be prohibitive and has been linked to children underperforming.Parents taking time off work to look after their sick children is another major factor in a weakened economy.

Introducing BioCote technology to classroom furniture reduces the level of bacteria by up to 99.9%. To prove it, BioCote manufacturers Proform conducted a case study. They introduced their product to a classroom in 2015 and compared results with an untreated room.

The treated classroom has been consistently shown to have 96% less bacteria than the untreated classroom, and the number of children reported absent because of illness was 20% less in the treated classroom. Technical Director and microbiologist at BioCote Dr Richard Hastings said: “We were keen to undertake the study in a school environment due to the close-contact nature of children in the school classroom – providing the perfect setting for potentially harmful bacteria to spread. “We are happy to announce huge bacterial reductions on BioCote-treated products, affirming our aim of a cleaner classroom for young children.”

BioCote is safe, effective and the treatment lasts for the entire product lifecycle. After application, it begins to work within two hours. Crucially, BioCote is not coated on. Instead, the silver antimicrobial additive is mixed into the polypropylene and paint solution. This ensures that, even if sawn in half, the chairs continue to massively reduce levels of bacteria.

This dramatically reduces the risk of spreading of MRSA, E Coli and similar bacteria, as well as moulds such as Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans and Penicillium sp. Talk to Glendale Interiors about our BioCote-treated chairs today.