You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Studies have shown if someone gets a bad first impression it takes eight positive encounters to change that persons mind. That impression is made within the first 5-6 seconds so it doesn't give you long to get it right.

It's paramount to set the scene for a positive experience, a warm welcome that portrays confidence and professionalism and will associate positive emotions with your business.  

At Glendale we've been transforming interiors for 40 years.   We understand the psycology of interior design and the small details that make a big impact. 

Let us help you out with some simple tips to consider for the main focus of that first impression - Your reception desk.  

Tip #1

Your reception desk if possible should be placed facing the entrance.  If this is not possible make sure that it is clearly signed. There should be no question or confusion created about where to go when entering the building.  Make sure there is enough space around the desk but at the same time that it does not act as a barrier to other spaces.  Consider busy times and possible queuing.  

Reception Sch

Tip #2 

Your reception should be clear and uncluttered.  Include practical storage within your desk design so that the area is functional for staff without compromising a sleek professional image.  

Reception Desk Storage

Tip #3

It's important to consider desk heights.  You may what to incorporate varied levels.  Staff behind the counter may need to sit or stand whilist working and engaging with customers.  Whilst higher areas can conceal confidential paperwork and computer screens they can also create a barrier and appear intimidating.   Lower levels allow for friendly interaction and are essential for wheel chairs users.  

Reception hospital

Tip #4

Natural lighting in your waiting area will portray feelings of space and reassurance.  The addition of spotlighting will add a sophisticated look and is great for highlighting your company logo. 

Illuminated Desk

Tip #5

Branded materials give a professional image.  Consider branded pens for clients completing paperwork or to take away. Branded sweets are great for keeping any younger visitors smiling and are a cost effective way to leave a happy lasting impression.  


Tip #6

Utilise your wall space to show off awards and certifications.  Highlight any charity or community  involvement.  This is a great place to showcase your company and staff, both professionally and personally.  

Branded Reception

Implement these simple tips and you are on the way to creating a great experience for both customers and staff. 

Remember - You never great a second chance to make a first impression!

If you need a little help just get in touch.  We'd be delighted to talk.