You may have noticed a trend toward more interactive meetings and conferences with shorter programs, frequent shifts in activity and more breakout sessions. These shifts in meeting style may be a by-product of today’s busy, multitasking lifestyles and more participatory approach to business. Businesses are seeking meeting spaces that are flexible enough to accommodate a more dynamic, hands-on approach where different types of content are blended into one session. Not just learning and teaching but creative output and participatory activities.

What is a flexible meeting space?

A flexible meeting space is one that accommodates both the traditional type of meeting setups, such as classroom or lecture style, theatre, or rounds, but also anticipates newer, more dynamic formats and even allows the meeting participants to rearrange the room themselves as needed through the course of a day. The most important element for a flexible meeting space is having a room that is easily reconfigurable by the user themselves as needed throughout the course of the day. Meaning, everything is movable, light, on castors or stackable.

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Technology and media equipment required for meetings may include charging stations, interactive whiteboards, presentation and video conferencing equipment.   With flexible meeting spaces, this technology also needs to be able to adjust to different layouts. Movable screens and wireless technology allow participants to change rooms around more easily.

Flexible Meeting Solutions

Creating a new space or reconfiguring an existing one to better suit your growing business needs can be difficult task.  There’s so many options to consider and you may even consider larger works such as taking walls out and installing new cabling to increase flexibility. 

Glendale Interiors will take the time to understand your business and your requirements, providing expert advice and free planning, foreseeing the possible problems and maximising the potential of your project.

A vast selection of quality conference, meeting and breakout furniture and equipment is available.  Glendale’s portfolio provides solutions for flexible and agile environments from the simple and practical to the glamourous and inspirational. 

No matter the size of your project full install and project management is also available along with a dedicated after-care service, leaving you stress-free to focus on business. 

Glendale’s design service will open up possibilities for an improved, flexible and motivational way of working.  To see the possibilities for your workplace give us a call to arrange your free of charge design consultation.  

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